Is your Qurbani Shariah compliant?

Not adhering to the conditions of Qurbani, can make your sacrifice void. Find out about the conditions of Qurbani according to the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah –practices of the Prophet Muhammad (saw).

Beast of Cattle

Animals deemed suitable for Qurbani sacrifice are ‘beast of cattle’ –this means: cows, oxen, buffalo, sheep, camels or goats.

Age Matters

Animals intended for Qurbani sacrifice must have reached adulthood. In the case of sheep this is between six months to (preferably) one year. For goats this is one year. For cows etc. this is at two years of age. For camels, this is at five years.

Health Matters

Animals intended for Qurbani sacrifice should be healthy and must not have the following defects:

  1. An animal that is blind or has lost one third of its eyesight. This also includes animals with visible eye defects.
  2. An animal that is sick or has sustained severe wounds that effect its health.
  3. An animal that is lame.
  4. An emaciated animal that people normally wouldn’t consider buying.


The person offering the Qurbani must own the animal that is being offered or must have permission from the owner to offer said animal in sacrifice. No one else should have any rights over the animal. Similarly, the sacrifice of an animal held in pledge is not valid.

Time Sensitivity

The Eid sacrifice is time sensitive; it must be carried out within the four day period that starts after the Eid prayer on the first day of Eid, until before sunset on the 13th of Dhul-Hijja.

Shariah Compliance

Qurbani is a time of sacrifice, not carnage. The animal being sacrificed must be treated humanely and slaughtered in accordance with the shari’ah ruling on halal. At IKCA, we don’t take the risk of working with cheaper slaughterhouses for fear that any part of this religious obligation is compromised.

Faith and Intention

For your Qurbani to be accepted, the sacrifice must be preformed by a Muslim, in the name of Allah (swt), and with the intention for offering it as Qurbani.

Don’t let your sacrifice go to waste over cheaper Qurbani costs. Perform your sacrifice with a charity you trust.

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