Imran Khan Live Appeal

On the 29th December 2019, Imran Khan took part in his first TV appeal in over 6 years to mark the charity’s Silver Jubilee.

He spoke about the work of SKMCH and the future of this incredible Sadaqah Jariyah to his late mother, and was joined by some of Pakistan’s favourite celebrity guests including Reema Khan, Maya Ali, Fakhr e Alam, Hamid Mir and Miandad throughout the evening.

The special event was broadcast live on the ARY Family channel and you can watch the recording here:

27 years on

Today we’re building a third cancer hospital in Karachi. Find out more about how you can support the project, and why we rely on your Sadaqah to bring free cancer care to Karachi.

Make A Donation to the Live Appeal

Over two and a half decades we’ve changed the face of cancer care in Pakistan, 2020 marks the 25th anniversary of IKCA. Over the last 25 years we have spent over £188,735,332.50 on providing free cancer treatment to poor patients in Pakistan. The institution continues to be a beacon of hope for millions of people; with state-of-the-art diagnostic, treatment, training and research facilities. With your generosity and support we will continue to be able to save the lives of cancer patients in Pakistan. Together, we’ve established:

  • Diagnostics Centres nationwide
  • Outreach Screening Clinics nationwide
  • Two Cancer Hospitals in Lahore and Peshawar
  • 91 Laboratory Collection Centres across 42 cities

We were the first hospital in Pakistan to procure and PET CT scan, and the first to perform a bone marrow transplant in a £14,000 procedure, but at no cost to the patient whose treatment was sponsored by an anonymous donor. To date, we’ve spent in excess of £307 million on providing free cancer care in Pakistan. Find out More.